Motorcycle Leathers

Protective clothing is vitally important for people who ride motorcycles as the chance of suffering an injury whilst riding a bike is quite high. Statistics show that the majority of fatal traffic accidents in the UK involve motorcyclists; however they make up less than two percent of road users. Because of this all biker will wear protective gear such as a helmet and motorcycle leathers.

Motorcycle leathers can be purchased from specialist shops and they typically take the form of a one piece suit that zips up at the front. They will be constructed from high grade leather and good quality sets of motorcycle leathers are often reinforced with rigid plastic or metal plating at points such as the elbows or knees. However, if the idea of an one piece set of motorcycle leathers does not appeal to you then separate jackets and trousers are also available. Many people who find leather to be too hot and restrictive will opt for a form of protective clothing other than motorcycle leathers. Textile jackets are trousers are available that offer just as much protection as a good set of leathers. They are typically made from man made fibres and are often much more breathable and comfortable than leathers.

However despite the apparently uncomfortable nature of motorcycle leathers it is possible to buy a very high quality set that are actually very comfortable and breathable.